Friday, 22 November 2013

Repurpose and reuse.

All week we have been looking at ideas to reuse things rather than throwing them away,
today its ideas for your jars.

How about this pretty little chandelier using all those small jars.

or just to remind you a sewing jar and pincushion (nice gift)

buy a wick and some lamp oil and you've got yourself an oil lamp.

screw the lids to the underneath of the shelf for 'under shelf' storage. My grandad used to store screws in the shed like this.

maybe a simple yarn holder, well it would stop the cat chasing it and keep it clean.

a memory jar to remind you of special times. 

If you crochet or knit then make them look beautiful.

buy yourself some cheap little embroidery hoops, screw them to the wall and tighten them up around the jar for storing all those bits and bobs.
That should give you something to do this weekend, enjoy.

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dvelco said...

Great Ideas.  I love to provide my Estate Sale community with reuse, re-purposing and up-scaling ideas to help them see treasures and opportunities in what they find at our Estate Tag Sales.

Thanks for this article and your ideas. What you do is appreciated. 
I shared it with my Estate Sale community on and Facebook at

Keep the great treasure finds coming.

Dennis Velco
dcVelco Estate Sales