Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Midweek Meander.

This is some of the work that I made for an exhibition called NETS which took place in October 2010. It was an interesting collaborative project between The University of Cumbria, ANU School of Art ,Canberra and Novia University of Applied Sciences, Finland. Participants were asked to interpret the word Nets and to produce work around this theme.


Natter Natter Chat Chat.

I  used the stitched drawings as a visual conversation between two people, an exchange of ideas. Threaded like a ribbon between two typewriters the stitch is  suggestive of  networking, the sharing of information, the typewriters  as a metaphor for capturing the creative thought process.The wire drawings are incorporated separately but as part of the installation to introduce the concept of ideas escaping, evolving and developing a ‘life’ of their own!

Open work stitched drawings.

Wire drawings.

The image is of the wire drawings that I played around with. In my opinion play is an essential part of being an artist, it is what every young child does instinctively. Children do not set out to make ‘art’, they explore the materials and become absorbed in expressing themselves without considering how it will be viewed by others, in doing so they produce wonderful, imaginative art. Many artists have a tendency to take themselves too seriously, art is mistakes, the unexpected things that happen with mistakes! The older I become the more I realise that this is true. So I gave myself permission to play, to explore narrative in fun ways and to think about the wacky ideas that get suggested when artists are ‘talking shop’.

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