Friday, 28 January 2011

Erosion Cloths.

Here are some more examples of cloths that I have dyed in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. This method of staining cloth can take a while and if you want the cloth to start to disintegrate it will take even longer. The upside of this method is that once you have wrapped it all up, apart from keeping it moist, it can be forgotten about!

Cloths from an erosion bundle.

Rust marks.

The beautiful stains and marks that are left on the cloth with erosion dyeing are, to a degree serendipitous but the more that you work with this technique the more you can get an idea about the way that the cloth will look. Half of the fun though is the delight of the discovery when the cloths are unwrapped. I will be posting the basic methods of obtaining cloths like these.

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