Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The threads of an idea.

These rolls of tacked fabric are a starting point for developing work. Usually I have various different pieces of work on the go at once. I find that when I am stitching it is so relaxing and cathartic that it gives me the space in my head to muse about a piece that I'm not working on.I don't tend to make decisions about the piece that I am actually stitching, all that 'what if-ing' has been done before. It's fascinating the different approaches that people take when developing ideas.

After the thaw.

The hand dyed fabrics that are used in this fabric collage reminded me so much of the fields being revealed again as the covering of snow slowly melts.

The snow disappearing from the land.

Contemporary Boro.

Boro is a Japanese word literally meaning rags, it is the piecing and patching of precious fabrics to sustain there use. The ancient Boro textiles are in my opinion stunningly beautiful works of art in there own right and a source of inspiration.

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