Friday, 28 October 2011

More fantastic special gifts.

As promised some more photos of the great work produced by our makers, enjoy.

Aren't these wonderful, so creative real works of art, sketchbooks to hold your works of art! These great books are from Lucinda Smith, made for you to own.

Funky little sewing jars from Studio 15.

How could you not recognise the fabulous work of Hanahbanana.

Super ceramics, careful packaging that real 'take me home' appeal from Clare Farley of Pinfold gallery.

These sweet little hangings and  brooches from 'Wooly Lakes', wear your craft with pride.

More woolly pleasures from Jane Henderson.

Just what you want, hens that don't take any looking after (no eggs though I'm afraid) these door stops are from Blue.

All of the makers gained a few pounds over the weekend, we couldn't resist these cupcakes from 'Flo's Fancies'. Flo produces beautiful handmade quality cakes to your design, you only have to ask, mmmmm.
I hope you have enjoyed joining us all online, take a look at the 'Studio 15' website for more information. Have a great weekend and happy crafting.


artymess said...

great work ..just going to check out the website ......x

Rags and Tatters said...

Thanks for your comment, I love getting feedback. I agree the work was great we were so lucky to get such terrific makers. x

Lorna May said...

Hello not commented for a while but been popping by regular, as always loving the blog.

Gutted don;t live nearer or would have dropped by the Studio 15 market. Although prob good idea don;t as looking at pictures would have spent ALOT of money :oDD

{Dab and a dash.}