Thursday, 27 October 2011

Midweek meander.

Hi sorry about the late post the internet again! Studio 15's first Makers Market is done and dusted and a great day was had by all, even the weather was good to us and we had a bright October day to add to the pleasure. Here are just a few of the pictures of the event and some of the fantastic work that these people presented to the public.

Well it begins, busy makers setting up their stalls, presentation is everything!

Such pretty work and beautiful attention to detail, the wonderful 'Made to Make'

These lovely sketchbooks are enough to inspire even the most reluctant creative soul. Maker Jane Henderson, beautiful use of textiles.

Handmade ceramic buttons, ooo I love buttons and handmade, even better!

Beautiful little handmade works of art in themselves and again such attention to detail. These little notebooks are made by Ros Dyson and are the perfect little gift for a friend.

These fun little houses from 'Margrets Farm Cottage' would grace any parcel or Christmas tree they are so joyful and full of celebration promise.

I just love this cushion from Julie Bull you won't find that on the high street, wonderfully imaginative work.

I will be posting a few more images of the great work from creative souls tomorrow. Just because the makers market is over doesn't mean the makers aren't selling, if you wish to purchase any of these great items you can email 'Studio 15' and we will put you in touch. Many of the websites have been given in previous posts.

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