Friday, 23 September 2011

Upcycle something this weekend.

Here are some great ideas from the internet to get you started.

Backyard bird feeder.

Two sunburst clocks made from a cheap clock movement and recycled bottle tops.

A retro storage cube made from old album covers, I love it. find the instructions here.

and in a similar vein this great little pouch.

A lunch pouch from a 4 pint milk container, looks like the fastener is a velcro sticky dot. Sorry can't remember who to credit but what a great idea, you could use it to store craft bits as well.

Make your own washi or fabric tape, simple doublesided tape, sticky side down onto your chosen surface, brilliant. Old wrapping paper or fabric offcuts, maybe even the selvage.

And this is my weekend project, a beautiful lampshade made simply from a balloon, wallpaper paste and old lace doilies, the patterns it makes on the ceiling and walls when the light is on are beautiful.

find the instructions here  

Well I hope you found something to fire you up, have creative and relaxing weekend.

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artymess said...

love the doily light and the bird feeder genius .......x