Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Midweek meander.

For all you people out there who love old spoons or forks for that matter, here are some great ideas from the net. This old cutlery is still found in charity shops at a really cheap price so no excuses if you want to make something that you see!

A spoon chandelier.

A spoon family to enjoy playing with.

Soup spoon candle holders.

A retro sunburst mirror.

Fork hooks.
 I made a set out of flattened spoons. Curling the prongs of the fork is easy with a pair of pliers, flatten them out first by hammering them on a hard surface, this technique also makes great wind chimes and mobiles.

More candlesticks,
the little candle cups which are glued on. hold the small tapper type candles, so sweet.

Handles and tie backs.

Spoons coloured with alcohol inks.

Use a fork to make a pompom easy peasy.

A fork bracelet.

Finally spoons bent up, tied around a jar and  holding dyed eggs, this would be great for Easter but also for Christmas with red eggs and a different flower arrangement. I'm sure all you creative people could come up with many more great ideas to upcycle cutlery.

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Sandy said...


Are you bending the fork without annealing them first??