Thursday, 7 July 2011

Creativity, a few small thoughts?

Phew what am I doing, already I'm overwhelmed. Creativity that huge, powerful overwhelming word, it's enough to stop you in your tracks right there, and yet, it is an exciting open ended word full of possibilities! Well here I go into the abyss hoping that some of this may just may just break a few strings and untangle the web that keeps all of us creatives from actually just doing it! I've been thinking about stuff and thought, hey be brave just share it, see where it goes, set it free!   SO

Firstly, don't be fooled by the thought that there is a correct way of doing the things you gotta do.

Creative thinking processes and knowledge work together. We play and explore to gain knowledge, and when we have knowledge we have the option of being creative by playing with it. The more knowledge we have, the greater the possibilities for combining ideas and thoughts in new ways that help us to come up with novel combinations. Being creative also requires interest, in the form of motivation or inspiration.We are most creative in activities that we love because we enjoy the play, the activity, and the thinking involved.   SO

Playful exploration with open ended materials allow for creative expression and spontaneous discovery.Therefor, use whatever materials are available for what your imagination tells you you need. Don't do the 'I just can't do that because.............I haven't got the.................thing!  SO

Energy is the essence of passion, passion is the essence of life.

Get rid of negative thoughts (artist-special, gifted creative person ie not me!) I'm not good enough, everybody else's work is better-more exciting than mine,blah blah blah, inertia, just do it!

Look at your creative products to decide whether or not they "worked," or to determine how you would do it differently next time. Hang them up somewhere where you keep walking past them for a while, consider them, think about your response to them. Remember, you only see the work of others that they are pleased with, not the millions of failures they have produced to get to that point. Be prepared to practice, practise, practice, make mistakes, challenge yourself, make your work for yourself not for other people BUT, most of all ENJOY the process.

Think about it, have a good weekend.

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