Friday, 10 June 2011

More student work.

This work is from foundation students at the University of Cumbria, young people on a one year course heading in the right direction for future successes, they had no professional experience prior to enrolling on this exciting and stimulating adventure and I hope that you will agree the work is amazing.

At one time you couldn't get onto an arts degree without having done a foundation course, things have changed and not always for the better in my opinion. It is hard to find these courses these days but the experience and confidence that the students gain as they start out on their professional careers by spending a year studying in this way is amazing. They are given the support and experience from their tutors to explore different disciplines, find out where their interests really lie and play creatively with ideas and techniques. Life drawing, 3d design, graphics, illustration, fine art to name but a few. The results of all this, well I think the images speak for themselves, the students can move confidently onto courses that they know are the right ones for them. A big well done to all of them for such an interesting and professional show. 

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