Thursday, 16 June 2011

Midweek meander.

Sorry about the late post this week but my internet connection has been off thanks to the electric company, anyway here we are with yet another favorite artist of mine, Lucy Casson. Her work is so expressive and fun and looking at them makes me think of people I know, name no names though! This work is all made from bits and pieces that she finds, upcycling at its best don't you think?

Lucy Casson's work is inspired by the poetry, and the comedy of everyday things. She finds her subject matter in mundane moments and chance encounters, and transforms it, through her wonderful observation of character as much by her technical virtuosity, into art.
Working in coloured tin, wood and wire she creates vivid scenes, little dramas touched with delightfully true understanding of the quirks of human and animal behavior.
Lucy trained at Camberwell School of Art & Crafts. She has been working in metal since 1982, and has exhibited in Edinburgh, Dublin, San Francisco and London.

Every child is an artist
the problem is staying
an artist when you grow up.
Pablo Picasso.


Lorna May said...

Fantastic quote. I love how children are so free when creating and we definately lose that as we get ol;der.

Love Lucys fun work.

{Dab and a dash.}

Rags and Tatters said...

Its brilliant getting your comments thanks for taking such an interest. Avril