Friday, 17 June 2011

And the lucky winner is!


Well done Ros, thanks for supporting my blog get in touch and I will send you your little needlecase. I hope that you enjoy using it.

Well a little bit about me this Friday. I have become interested in tea, the colours that it produces as a stain or ink, the marks that it leaves on paper and the tea bags themselves. Part of what is interesting me is the very British attachment with tea and the way that we view it as a 'cure all' for what life throws at us, in situations of stress a cup of tea is always offered by someone trying to help! From a British point of view tea could be seen as a metaphor for coping, I don't know whether any other country takes this view or whether it is traditionally a very British thing to do. Another strand of my thinking is about recording the passing of time, tea is a daily ritual for a lot of people and the first task performed every day! So with all this in mind the starting point for me is to investigate what I can do with tea.

Herbal tea bags.

I love the shape and colour of these little tubes and the fact that these are usually discarded without a second thought. It's strange isn't it what we place value on and what we consider as valueless, at one time this simple commodity was very expensive and wars have been fought over these simple things that we now take for granted.

Colours and stains from different types of teabags. 

Layered teabag collage.

Beautiful rubbish!

Tea pot on, cups are waiting.
Favorite chair anticipating.
No matter what I have to do,
there's always time my friend
for you.


Lorna May said...

Well done Ros :o)

Is that fantastic shade of pink from teabag??
That's amazing.
Great collage.


Rags and Tatters said...

Yeah it is tea its one of the red berry ones, really powerful colour and a brilliant ink! Thanks again Avril