Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Student development work.

Having explored some techniques in layering and hand stitching the student are moving forward and focusing on there own interests and ways of working. The first steps of an idea can often be the most difficult, self doubt, insecurity, all these things get in the way of decision making, but, and it's a big but, things sort themselves out more easily when you are the member of a group. Talking,verbalising thoughts to like minded people often helps to resolve things and firm up the threads of an idea.

This one looks like its going to be fun, an exploratory block for a larger piece.

Exploring the world of Lichen and rock.

Having fun with texture and with encrusted surfaces.

Cool and simple surface, moving things around and considering placement.

At this early stage things are looking really good, the students are begining to explore their own creativity. An apology from me for the late post, my internet conection has been playing up thats what happens when you live in a very rural area up in the hills, hey ho. Explore your own creativity and don't be scared to get it wrong, if you don't make mistakes you won't learn anything. Move out of your comfort zone!

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