Friday, 29 April 2011

Squeak Carnwath.

Best Borrowed. 2005.

Squeak is an artist who's practice I have been following for many years now, her name comes from the fact that when she was born  she was tiny and they called her pip-squeak, it stuck! I really enjoy her work, the symbolism, iconography and her style, the work is fun, playful, but with a serious side commenting on human emotions. Her book 'Painting is no Ordinary Object' is inspirational and an interesting read. Working from her studio in Oakland USA  she has been painting for over 30 years, to find out more visit

Attempting to be Happy. 2001.

In Pursuit of Happiness. 2000.

Anymore 2001.

Something else. 2002.

The studio of Squeak Carnwath. This image helps to understand the large scale of these paintings.

We make a fiction to understand feelings and emotions.
The remarkable thing is that creativity is not a replica of life.
But rather a tool for insight.
It seems like life chooses our imagining.
Squeak Carnwath. 

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