Thursday, 31 March 2011

Instructions for Star Tag book.

Star tag book.
A   2 pieces of board 10.5cm x 6.5cm.
B   2 pieces of paper to cover board, approx 12cm x 8cm.
C   2 pieces of paper for inside cover 6cm x 10cm.
D   1 piece of thin card 20cm x 6cm.
E   5 pieces of thin card 20cm x 6cm.
F   10 pieces of thin card approx 13.5x 10cm.
  10 standard luggage labels (usually 12cm x 6cm)
H   Strong thread, beads, ribbon, glue.

  Cover the outside only of the boards (A)  with B-mitering corners neatly.
 Piece D-mark along both long edges from the same end at 2cm intervals. Score to join these marks  across the width and fold this piece to form a concertina, making sure the first fold from the left is a valley fold. The last fold will be a valley too.

Piece E
 Score and fold each piece E in half vertically.
 Pieces F, Fold 1cm up along the 10cm edge of each piece. place the luggage tag inside this fold as in the diagram. 
Fold the remaining paper F around the tag so it is a slightly loose fit.

 Stick the 1cm flap to the inside of the wrapper to form a sleeve for the tag.
  Glue one half of  piece E on the inside of the fold and slip inside the sleeve up to the fold. Press in place, Having done this once you will see where each piece E needs to be placed and gluing can be done on subsequent pieces before forming the sleeve. Repeat for all halves of  the E pieces making 5 pairs of sleeves altogether.
 From the outside of each valley fold of the concertina, sew each of these 5 pairs into the valley. leave a long tail of thread from the center hole on the outside as in diagram.  

 Stick the outer 2 flaps of the concertina to the inside of the cover pieces then glue pieces C as end papers to cover these.
9   Tie the loose ends of the stitching thread together as described,
a Starting at one outside edge take both threads from the first section and tie one thread from the second   section in a tight reef knot.
 Take the remaining thread from the second section and tie to the first thread of the third section, continue   for all the threads. Attach beads to these threads to decorate.
10   Insert tags into the sleeves You can replace the tag strings with with ribbon or threads as required.

Sounds harder reading the instructions than it is to actually  make the book.

Have fun and send me your pictures if you want to so that we can see how creative you have been making  these books, I would love to see them..


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