Monday, 14 February 2011

Small signs of spring

Valentines Day.

 Take care of your heart.

The first signs of spring on my windowsill. At last!

I planted these bulbs way back in September and gradually, silently, they began to grow, breaking the soil with the promise of a new year. I watched the flower buds in anticipation and finally they have their moment of wonder. How does something so simple fill your heart with the promise of the year to come?- natures secret I guess! It's still cold and grey here but it won't be long now before the garden will be filled with colour, these little plants show me the season is changing and my life moves forward.

Layering for contemporary Boro.

Stitching and layering.

I am much more comfortable working with these types of fabrics than with the pretty ones. There is something about the roughness of the cloth that I enjoy, they have a 'work a day' feel to them and a lack of fussiness. To me they talk of everyday folk and working lives. 

This is the week that my workshops start, already I have had some nice emails from the students who have enrolled saying how much they are looking forward to them. I am too so fingers crossed, I guess that I can only be myself! Wish me luck.

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hedgewitchandstitch said...

Avril - I love the fabrics etc. used in Boro - like you they are my kinda thing - would love to do a piece one day.....x