Friday, 11 February 2011

New cloth, old cloth.

I've been working on several different pieces this week all of which are totally different visually but use the same layering techniques. I really enjoyed this one, putting together some fabrics and bits of vintage lace to make a quiet gentle cloth that has a nostalgic feel to it. I don't generally make pretty things but I wanted to use the vintage handmade lace that was in my collection. I think that it has a restful feel to it with the soft colouring and the stitch rippling the surface.

Like a lot of people with an interest in textiles I have many bits and pieces of old cloths, they are from a time gone by when women made, and used doilies, tray cloths and other pretty things. The work that went into making some of them is amazing, handmade bobbin lace, drawn thread work, cutwork etc. I tend to just get them out every now and again, enjoy their beauty and then put them away again. I wanted to find a way of using them and honouring the women that made them.

The slow process of hand stitching leads to a different result.
Tilleke Schwarz.

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