Monday, 7 February 2011

A new venture.

I have enjoyed teaching in colleges and universities for many years and have learned as much as I have taught. The whole creative exchange that goes on between tutors and students is in my experience, stimulating, interesting and enlightening and I thank them one and all for sharing their creative journeys with me.
In this economic climate that we find ourselves in, more and more arts courses are being closed down as being uneconomical. Making a living as an artist becomes ever more difficult. As part of my practice I have decided to start a new venture running private workshops and ( I hope in some small way) to address the needs of creative people to get together, learn and share ideas.

Detail of development work for contemporary Boro.

The first of these creative workshops is called Imperfect Beauty and is about recapturing the love of cloth, the relaxing rhythm of stitch and a mental escape from the pace of modern life. I hope to share this new venture with you in some small way. 

Textures from old remnants of fabric.

Boro is  Japanese for tattered clothes that are patched or mended. The beauty is in the fabrics imperfection and asthetically becomes more appealing over time.

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