Friday, 9 November 2012

Lorna Graves revisited.

I have managed to find some more work from the wonderful Lorna Graves, her work or even images of it have been really difficult to find since her death. I used to exhibit along side her in a local gallery and always really enjoyed the pieces she had there, money was tight and I could never really afford to buy many of them. I thought that her work would always be available to me, how I wish now that I had collected more to enjoy!
You are still missed Lorna.

'Stones and Stars'.

'Angel and Birds'.

'Animal Rainbow'.

'Animal Rainbow'- print.



'Night Journey'.

Enjoy your weekend.


Connecting With Kids Project said...

I was tidy up some old files and found a image I had always loved by Lorna. By chance, I recalled the image about a week ago in a conversation and it was so nice to find it again in a box full of old papers. The image if I recall correctly is from UK magazine called Resurgence. The image is of a stone circle called "Full Circle" I have not seen the image for decades. I had it in my office as I worked on the formation of the Green Party in Australia. It was a source of inspiration to me then and it remains an inspiration.

With the wonders of the internet I am able to look up Lorna and find her obituary and this page. Thanks for remembering her work here so a someone in rural Australia can learn little more about Lorna and drink further of here inspiration..

Rags and Tatters said...

I knew Lorna personally and she is sorely missed, her work still inspires so many people. I don't know if you noticed but there is an earlier post with her work on it. Really interesting to hear from you thanks .

Tom Adams said...

Nice to see a post dedicated to Lorna. Just attended Clare Crossman's book launch of her biography last week in Carlisle. I'm beginning to gain a deep appreciation of her work.