Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Midweek meander

Hi sorry I have not been posting for a while I actually sneaked away to grab a last minute holiday in Sorrento  Italy. It was a glorious 30 degrees, beautiful and such a relaxing break after a very topsy turvey year. Here are a few of the photographs that I took hope you enjoy them in our dark November days!

Fishing boats bobbing  in the harbour.

More lovely boats in Amalfi.

Beautiful surfaces at Herculaneum.

Now that's what I call fruit and veg!

Wonderful mosaics on the back of a simple seat.

Frescoes to die for.

Amazing architecture everywhere.
 What a place, glorious.

The strange thing was a lot of the shops were filled with Christmas trees and Christmas decorations which seemed surreal to an English girl in 30 degree heat. I was bought back to earth with a bump when we landed in Newcastle airport as it was snowing hard, well it is November after all!

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