Monday, 20 August 2012

Here's a great little project and practical as well, stop your doors slamming with this nautical door stop.
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Enlarge template to 15cm high and trace onto Bondaweb. Iron onto reverse of fabric scraps and cut out.
Cut a 49cm x 35cm rectangle of fabric.
Lay beach hut on centre of rectangle, 4cm above bottom edge, and iron in place. Zigzag stitch around each piece.
Cut a rectangle of contrasting fabric 49cm x 15cm.
Pin and stitch to top of main fabric - all seams are stitched right sides together, taking 1cm seam allowances. Pin and stitch sides together.
Press contrast onto wrong side.
Cut an 18cm diameter circle of fabric for base. Pin and stitch to doorstop side. Fill doorstop two-thirds full with rice and tie twine or string around top.
Bondaweb, John Lewis. Fabric,The Cloth House
Have fun.

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