Friday, 18 May 2012

What is this strange logo I hear you cry? Well, 1 it is a great blog by Jude Hill called Spirit Cloth, 2 its is a wonderful project that I have become involved in which has bought me peace and a sense of healing, a small but worthwhile bit of stitching. More information is contained in Jude's blog with a wonderful link to Wendy Golden-Levit . Here to give you a sense of it are the words and link from the blog. 

What will happen to the feather cloths?
My target for any charity efforts connected with this project  is children. Their well being and education. I may give or donate some of the cloths directly or donate them for auction. We'll see.

So far I have Wendy Golden-Levitt on my list.  Her work with children is just amazing. It would be nice to give the kids to have something larger to wrap around themselves. Something magical to keep them safe.

Images and a interesting and thought provoking article from

There are not enough days in the weekend.
Rod Schmidt.

Have a great one yourself.

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