Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Midweek meander.

I had a request for a tutorial on How To Print On Fabric with an inkjet printer so here we go.

Step 1: You will need: Freezer Paper and a close weave fabric, cotton is good.

Step two: Using a piece of A4 card as a template, mark off an A4 sized piece of your freezer paper on the matte side. (I use the edge of the paper as one of the edges of my piece, saving extra cutting.)

Step three: Roughly cut around the outside of your marked out areas.

Step four: Set the iron to cotton and no steam.

Step five: Iron the fabric smooth (use a spray bottle if necessary, but ensure the fabric is completely dry before proceeding to the next step)

Step six: Iron the freezer paper onto the fabric, shiny side towards the fabric.

Step seven: Cut along the marked lines of the freezer paper.

Step eight: Clean up any dangling threads.(You don't want to kill your printer now, do you?)

Step nine: Choose the image that you want to print from your files or set up text for labels etc through word.

Step ten: Insert your fabric/ freezer paper piece into your printer, making sure the fabric is the side that will be printed. Set your printing preferences to best quality printing and hit print.

Step eleven: Leave it to set for a few minutes then carefully peel the fabric off the freezer paper backing.
Step twelve: Heat set your print by ironing on the wrong side for approximately three minutes (Or until you get bored.).
Your done.

This fabric is only good for projects that you will not wash, if you want a colour fast fabric there is a product called 'Bubble Jet 2000' which you soak the fabric in before you prepare it for printing or you can buy packs of A4 prepared fabric for printing onto.

Now what project do you have in mind?


lu said...

Hi Avril. i'm a bit behind with my reading, and only just noticed this. Can you tell me where to buy Freezer paper?


Rags and Tatters said...

Hi in our area Penrith you can buy it at Just Sew. You can also buy it at any patchwork suppliers, have fun.