Monday, 2 January 2012

Ready to seize another year.

(image Robert Peters)

Happy New Year to all you lovely people out there, all these things and more.
 I hope that you had a good time and are excited and refreshed at the thought of another creative year ahead, seize the moment as they say! One of my big loves is printmaking in all its forms and diversity and lino cut printmaking is easily accessible to everyone who fancies a try. The materials are cheap, you need very little specialist equipment and the results- well take a look and see for yourself.

I adore old hand printed book covers, the linear quality and the colours.

These lino cuts look so simple and in one sense they are, but they can be very time consuming take a look at the process in the video by printmaker Bill Fick.

And now for more colours, an easy introduction to reduction prints.
Printmaking Project from Janine Campbell on Vimeo.

Beautiful naturalistic prints from Angie Lewin, I was lucky enough to get her book and its well worth a look, beautiful.


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