Monday, 5 December 2011

New inspiration.

Well it's December and who would believe it, it seems to come around quicker with each passing year! We have just had our first fall of snow and the landscape has magically changed again, the wind has the bite of an ice dragon in this frosted magical world but in the eyes of an artist it is just another opportunity.


Andy Goldsworthy.

Eudald Alabau. Flikr the land art snow and ice sculptures.

Francoise le Jardinier de Marandon. Flikr. the land art snow and ice sculptures.

Escher is still alive. Flikr.the land art snow and ice sculptures.

Here's a few for you to try for yourself or with the kids.

This certainly presents a magical opportunity, wrap up warm and have some fun. Don't forget to take the camera though these are transient pleasures.

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