Friday, 11 November 2011

Midweek meander.

Hi I'm sorry for posting back to front this week, I knew it would be a busy week and kept my blogs in draft form, today's should have been before the last post, hey ho such is life. I hope you can enjoy it and make more sense of the last one!
'Lets hear it for the good old doily' yep it's amazing what you can do with such simple ingredients and a bit of creativity, from paper to lace the doily is making a come back, oh yeah. These are some of the beautiful ideas that the search engine has to offer.

Doily garlands, who needs the excuse to celebrate?

Even in the kitchen, make it Lacy!

It's a wrap, beautiful.
Thanks to all those other bloggers find them via the search engine.
More on Friday,' way to go' creative people.

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Made to Make said...

Gorgeous ideas on this post and your doily one x