Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Midweek meander.

I'm staying with my 60's and 70's theme this week having mooched away a few hours looking at Cathy of California's blog (I've had a flu bug) well that's my excuse for doing a bit of fun research and I'm sticking to it! Today I'm focusing on these wonderful textured wall hangings, as with so much of the design from that era these pieces are inventive, lively and fresh.

Burlap wall hanging 1964.
I think this is a great design with such a wonderful mixture of shapes and stitches.

All these wall hangings are from 1971, I would love to have seen them in colour however seeing them in black and white really makes you look at the construction and texture, I love them.

Finally I couldn't resist these beautiful simple forms which wouldn't be out of place with the ceramics of today. This is the work of Eva Zeisel 1952, the past informing the future yet again!


Claire said...

Just found your blog. What a wonderful inspiring place!

Rags and Tatters said...

Thanks so much I love getting feedback and comments on the blog. Glad you like it.