Saturday, 27 August 2011

Anna Torma.

Anna Torma 'Herbary' 2001.
Anna Torma is a fibre artist she completed her studies in Hungary in 1979, having witnessed the textile revolution of the 1970's. Annas works are huge in scale, intricate, complex, intimate, meaningful, playful, contradictory. Each one is a place to visit, spend time, be lost, find things, learn and always be inspired. So many things happening in each piece, so many strands, stories and interpretations.. with a level of skill, care and detail that belies their playful appearance.

Detail 'Playground 1'.
Torma's early work retained a feminine sensitivity and was concerned with the motifs from her craft's heritage. Much of her later work is concerned with recording daily life spent with her children, she uses their stories and images in the pieces.

'Rainy Day'.
Her work today seems to me to be entirely universal in it's communication of shared experiences, instincts and references. I'd really love to see it in person - to experience the scale, the texture, the little details, the motion of the stitch and the emotion of the piece.

 Playground 111. 2006
Hope your enjoying your weekend.


barbara renel said...

this is truly great work - a trip to canada maybe? the photos on her website give a pretty good impression of scale and impact

Rags and Tatters said...

yeah shes brilliant I love her work, Canada sounds good , free stay maybe my sister lives there!