Friday, 29 July 2011

Simple ideas are always the best.

Get green and get out in the fresh air this weekend.

We should all be finding ways of recycling our waste rather than just adding to the landfill mountain.
Here are some simple upcycling ideas that I found for the garden, balcony or yard.

A beautiful use for old wellies.

An upright planter, just old plastic bottles and a pallet.

Little messages and

I have made these from old charity shop finds, not only upcycling but adding a bit to the charity coffers. To make them you just hammer the spoon flat and scratch in the name, go over the text with a permanent marker and wipe it off before it dries, it will stay in the text.

Lovely little nightlights from old tin cans.
tutorial look under how to.

This one is not strictly for the garden but its a simple idea for an organiser, you could of course use it to store your plant labels and tags! Sorry can't remember where I found it.

These are just a few of the many ideas easily found online, so before you throw it away have a surf around and see if you can make it into something beautiful and useful.

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