Monday, 18 July 2011

All Tied Up.

The next two workshops coming up in August at Studio 15 are Stitch and Tie to Dye and Indigo, favorites of mine. Years ago I got into dyeing and patterning cloth because I didn't have the cash to buy the amount of different fabrics I needed to work, so I bought inexpensive calico, muslin, scrim, old cotton bed sheets etc. I soon became addicted to this way of working using every method I could to produce individual designs and colours. When you adopt these processes your cloth is unique and you won't see it anywhere else. I became increasingly fascinated by the beautiful cloths produced across the world using simple techniques to make complex designs and researched as many as I could find, clamping, stitching and tying were included.

Cloth 'tied' with rubber bands and the resulting pattern after dyeing in Indigo.

Stitching to dye.

Target tied cloth and the resulting pattern.


The beauty of a complex stitched and tied cloth.

Wonderful, beautiful Shibori cloth.

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