Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Midweek meander.

I love text, and handwriting is so personal, in these days of email, texts and messaging I really miss getting letters. I can't remember the last time I received a good old fashioned letter, the odd postcard but not a letter. I heard on the radio that the sales of writing paper and fountain pens are going up so maybe a lot of people feel like I do! Here's some nostalgia for you to enjoy.

Artist Katerine Frund.


Artist Janet Jones, 'Out of Context'.

Artist Cecil Touchon.

Cecil Touchon.

Artist Seth Apter.

None of this work could have been made without the good old fashioned skill of letter writing, so I guess if we want to make art like this a revival is long over due, here's hoping!

I am tired, Beloved
of chafing my heart against
the want of you;
of squeezing it into little ink drops
and posting it.
Amy Lowell- The Letter.

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