Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Midweek meander

Hi I've been really busy this week, Uni work, it's end of year exhibition time, Studio 15 work planning and scheming new stuff ,but joy oh joy up in my studio starting on a new body of work for a future collaborative exhibition, peace reigns in my soul! With all this in mind I hope you will forgive me if  this is a short post. I thought that I would offer you some wonderful little videos that I enjoy. The first of these is about the work of book artist Sue Blackwell, all I can say is amazing. they may take a minute to load.

Second is an a short film by the New Zealand book council, an animated paper cut, watch and wonder at this video. I'm sorry about the advert, when it pops up just click the close as fast as you can!

This one is just because we are all children at heart, a magical little journey.

Finally take time to watch this, it makes me smile all day, go on you can spare three minutes.

See you Friday.

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