Thursday, 19 May 2011

Looking at texture and stitch.

Texture in stitch adds a extra dimension to a piece of work, mixing up different thicknesses of thread and chunky stitches gives wonderful surfaces. This week I have been looking at images showing the different approaches that people take to raise the surface of stitch.

Both of these lovely pieces of work are by Stevie Walker. Nature captured in a very expressive and individual way.

Beautiful and inspiring work from Gavin Fry.

Erin Endicott. Inventive use of stitch.

Erin Endicott. Detail of Healing Sutra 10.

Detail of Coral Wall. Artist Unknown. Wonderful, expressive texture and colour.

Artist Lindsey Woolsey. Gentle and quiet.

Artist unknown.

Artist unknown. The beading on this textured surface bring the work to life.

In making we see.


A Deegan said...

thanks for showing these, i particularly like the taupe/biege piece with red stitching, its such an unusual colour combination. so fascinating to see yards of linear thread converted into these 3-dimenisional pieces.

Rags and Tatters said...

I know, there are so many talented people and contemporary stitch is really inventive these days, boundaries are being pushed and rules are being broken. Wonderful, great to get your comments.