Friday, 6 May 2011

Drawing with a sewing machine.

Hi, I'm teaching a stitched drawings workshop which is coming up in a couple of weeks so with this in mind I thought that I would show you some of  the ways that artists are using this technique. I find drawing with stitch very satisfying as a way of working, it has a freedom and quirkiness to it that gives individual results to everybody.If you enjoy textiles or mixed media this technique lends itself to being used in various ways.

This is a beautiful contemporary piece of work, to see more

Fun and funky, artist unknown.

The quirky work of Rachel Colman titled 'Rabbit'.

Another interesting piece of work, a little stitched book. It is by Cathy Cullis, to see more visit

A detail of a larger piece of work with an interesting use of fabric and stitch, by Debbie Bates.

Moving House. Rachel Howard.

Finally pure drawing. 'Somewhere Else' Bernie Leahy. Fantastic.'
What could you do? Go on give it a go.


Lorna May said...

amazing work.
I live too far away to attend your workshops gutted :o(
Will you be travelling in the future and holding them elsewhere?

{Dab and a dash.}

Rags and Tatters said...

Hi Lorna May thanks again for your encouraging comments, I would love to have you at one of my workshops your so enthusiastic. Keep an eye on Studio 15 website to see if I start travelling. Avril.

Lorna May said...

Will do.
Obviously don't expect you to come to Northants :o))
But Cumbria is that little bit too far.

Your blog is a source of inspiration, could browse it daily and find something didn't see before.
{Dab and a dash.}