Monday, 11 April 2011

Reuse and recycle - printmaking.

This week I have been looking at ways of using earlier work in a different context, I often do this as part of my working practice. I enjoy the whole concept of reusing and recycling work. Collage, stitch and textiles lends itself readily to this process, the work can be easily be cut and restructured into new and interesting pieces, things change and move on. We all evolve as creative people as we learn and understand new concepts and techniques, fashions change and tastes change over time and we view things with fresh eyes. With this in mind I have been using some stitched collages completed many years ago as a basis for printmaking.

This is an example of the original mixed media collage which was itself upcycled from another piece of work. The body of work was a series of collages titled 'Sky Travel Dreaming' based upon flight and travel,  the earth viewed from the air. These are the starting point for the prints.

I have used the original pieces as a reworking of an idea from one media to another. Although they are linked for me they have a completely different feel and look to them.

The value of exploring your work in different media is understood on many different levels, firstly it may appeal to a totally different audience, expanding the work's potential. Secondly, stitched textiles are time consuming and therefore expensive, whereas with print once you have the main work finished you can produce multiples.This enables work to priced more competitively making it more accessible.

From my view point as the artist I enjoy the challenge of a different perspective and working practice. It renews my interest, stretches me creatively and presents different challenges in terms of process and outcome.

The interesting thing is the process, the process builds the layers of understanding.Ideas spin off the processes I use whether they are traditional crafts or digitally on Photoshop or Illustrator. Whilst investigating processes art can be therapeutic, a place to go, my inner shed.

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