Monday, 21 March 2011

Handmade books.

I'm thinking about books again as it is the second of the four contemporary bookmaking sessions this week.
 Last week we focused on concertina books and piano hinge books. I have posted images of the ways that artists have interpreted concertina books, so, for today's post I have been looking at the piano hinge.

This picture I found on google images, I think it is the use of the coloured paper and crayons that attracted me to it. It is from a flicker set but I do not know the artist.

The sticks used in the hinge spine have been embellished with beads that have been threaded on to the  binding thread.

'Burn'. Artist Martin Casuso.
 The sticks used are incense sticks and the book is presented in an interesting format, laid flat.

A beautiful book with a rust finish. Artist unknown.

'Push me Pull you'. Artists Karen Baldner and Bjorn Krondorfer.

There is a piano hinge tutorial on July 2010.

These images show just how versatile this simple binding can be if used with a little creative input.


Anonymous said...

wow these are simply amazing, what great inspiration to us emerging artists in the world

Rags and Tatters said...

thank you so much for your positive comments its great to get your feedback.