Thursday, 3 March 2011

Development work.

This week I have revisited some work that I was developing for an exhibition last year. I was thinking about the the creative though process and how ideas fire off each other and evolve into new ideas in a seemingly random fashion. I started looking at the brain and the neuron links that fire up as part of the thought process. The piece that I had planed was an installation which in the end became too large and complex to travel to the various countries involved so I shelved it for another time and produced a different body of work. Revisiting it though has opened up new possibilities, maybe I will resolve the issues that I had with it. Here are some images of the development work that I have been revisiting.

Development trials for neurons.

These 'neurons' were to be used at the very end of the structure that I was constructing, they are made from knitted wire, wire and fishing weights. I think they make interesting forms in their own right.

Concept drawing.

Actual images of neurons.

You need chaos in your soul
to give birth to a dancing star.
Neitzsche (1885)

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